Bank of Canada Starts Hiking Rates

General Jon Muir 2 Mar

Bank of Canada Starts Hiking Rates, Signalling More To Come Bank of Canada Starts Hiking Rates, Signalling More To Come The Governing Council of the Bank of Canada raised the overnight policy rate target by a quarter percentage point in a widely expected move and signalled that more hikes would be coming. This is the […]

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Inflation Ticked Up Again in January

General Jon Muir 22 Feb

Inflation Ticked Up Again in January StatsCanada today reported that consumer price inflation rose to 5.1% from year-ago levels in January, compared to 4.8% in December. This was higher than expected but still well below US inflation posted at 7.5% for the same period. Undoubtedly, this puts additional pressure on the Bank of Canada to […]

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Wanted: Home Sellers

General Jon Muir 16 Feb

Wanted: Home Sellers Housing affordability remains a huge political issue, and with the Department of Finance working on the upcoming budget, no doubt measures to reduce home prices will be front and center. With an election coming this spring in Ontario, Premier Ford’s Housing Affordability Task Force has made recommendations to step up homebuilding. Still, […]

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December Labour Force Survey

General Jon Muir 11 Jan

Another Strong Jobs Report In December December Labour Force Survey – Statistics Canada released the December Labour Force Survey this morning, reporting employment gains of 54,700 last month–double market expectations. The unemployment rate fell to 5.9% from the 6.0% rate posted in November and is only 0.2 percentage points above the 5.7% rate posted in […]

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Federal Fiscal Update

General Jon Muir 15 Dec

Federal Fiscal Update Federal Fiscal Update: Canada Has Weathered The Pandemic Storm Relatively Well Federal Fiscal Update from Chief Economist Dr. Sherry Cooper: Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland extolled the performance of the Canadian economy in response to the extraordinary support provided by the federal fiscal authorities and the Bank of Canada in the past 21 […]

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Bank of Canada Holds Rate

General Jon Muir 13 Dec

Bank of Canada Holds Rate Target Steady Until April to September 2022 Bank of Canada Leaves Expectations For 2022 Rate Hikes Intact The Bank of Canada Holds Rate and decided to keep its target for the overnight rate at 0.25%, in line with forecasts and to maintain its forward guidance, which sees a rise in […]

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